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  • Loft conversion

    Loft conversion

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    Unused loft is the biggest waste of any house! We can transform that space into an office, kids room or amazing and cosy bedroom.
  • Extensions


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    Is your home not big enough but your garden is bigger than you need? Opt for an extension! Add a beautiful feature to you home.
  • Plumbing


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    From broken pipe to installing a bathroom we can do it all when it comes to water! Give us a call regarding your plumbing needs.
  • Electric


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    Our electrician is qualified and experienced in dealing with small jobs like broken sockets as well as installing whole new electrics!
  • Carpentry


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    We produce and install bespoke cabinets and furniture for all your rooms. Need doors? We can help with that too!
  • Painting


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    Professionally painted walls are not just a few brush strokes. It takes a lot preparation, attention to detail and skills we have it all!
  • Decorating


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    Do you need a helping hand when it comes to painting or wallpapering? Our skills and tools will make your dream come true!
  • Pavements & Pathways

    Pavements & Pathways

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    The exterior of your home should match the inside! Aesthetically pleasing paths are great way to showcase your beloved home.
  • Bricklaying


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    Our bricklayers can help with working on new walls, building a new garage or fixing an existing damaged wall.
  • Walls


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    Would you like to open up a kitchen? Divide a huge living room? Move annoying wall? We will create a space that you always wanted.
  • Flooring


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    Tiles, panels, carpets, laminate - our professional team will install the floor that will match your decor and your budget.
  • Wooden panels

    Wooden panels

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    Wooden flooring will look great in vintage interiors but could be a nice feature in modern interior too. Give us a call for details.